The book

You can find Corporations Are Not People at your local bookstore, AmazonBarnes & NobleIndie Bound and wherever books (paper, audio, electronic, etc.) are sold.  See what people are saying about Corporations Are Not People here.

The book, with a foreword by Bill Moyers, tells the true story of how some of the largest corporations in the world organized to take over our American government and Constitution, culminating in 2010 with the 5-4 Supreme Court decision, Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission. This latest blow to government of the people followed a three-decade campaign by and for global corporations to disable democracy. Corporations Are Not People is about how devastating this corporate campaign has been to America and Americans. It also is about how we can work together to take back freedom and democracy for people.

I hope that Corporations Are Not People can contribute to a long-overdue national debate and reform campaign to rebuild that rarest of things, a peaceful republic of free and equal people. You can join that effort. Check out any of the groups described in the book or included at, and join in this great work of fulfilling the promise of American democracy in our time.

I look forward to staying in touch.

Jeff Clements

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