Update- President Endorses SuperPac Use AND Constitutional Amendment to Reverse Citizens United

President Obama has thrown in the towel and capitulated to the domination of our elections and government by SuperPACs, funded by corporations and millionaires. And his campaign, of course, is not “coordinating” it’s only “signaling”.

A possible silver lining: Now that the candidates and both major parties have accepted the reality that they are owned by corporations and the wealthy, is fundamental reform at last possible?

It may be. Among the other signals, President Obama appears to be endorsing a Constitutional amendment solution that will overturn Citizens United and related doctrines that have improperly twisted the Constitution of “We the people” into a protector of privilege.

Now, will the Republican candidates join him in recognizing the reality of what is needed to restore republican democracy in America?

UPDATE:  George Zornick at the Nation has a good piece on these developments.

And here are reactions from People for the American WayPublic Citizen,  and the Wall Street Journal.

About Jeff Clements

Jeff serves as President of American Promise, a nonpartisan national movement to reform and renew America's political system to combat corruption and secure freedom and equal opportunity for all Americans. He has practiced law for three decades in public service and in a private firm, and is the author of Corporations Are Not People: Reclaiming Democracy From Big Money & Global Corporations. He is also the founder of Whaleback Partners LLC, which provides sustainable financing to businesses in the local agriculture economy. Twitter: https://twitter.com/ClementsJeff LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeff-clements/
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