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Republican Congressman: Citizens United = Dred Scott; corporate personhood = oligarchy

“The Constitution begins ‘We the people. . .’ not ‘We the corporations . . .’” With that, former Congressman Jim Leach, an Iowa Republican, unleashed a barrage on the Citizens United decision and the activist fabrication  of Constitutional rights for … Continue reading

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Today’s ballot Initiatives in Montana & Colorado on Citizens United and the 28th Amendment

“Spreading like a Montana prairie fire . . .” Montana and Colorado citizens will have a chance vote against Citizens United v. FEC and to move the 28th Amendment effort forward. Nine states (and several hundred cities and towns) have declared their … Continue reading

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Denver Debate and Colorado’s Amendment Initiative

I’m here in Colorado for a couple of book events this Friday- – one at Barnes and Noble on 16th Street in Denver and the other in Boulder (details here). The campaign for a Constitutional amendment to overturn Citizens United … Continue reading

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