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The Constitution & Legislation, Corporate “Persons” & Human Persons

Wonk alert: This may be a piece only a lawyer could like but I thought it might be worthwhile to delve into the different meaning of the word “person” as used in the Constitution compared to word “person” as used … Continue reading

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#ForwardOnClimate, Environmental Catastrophe & Citizens United

Americans from all over the country are coming to Washington on Saturday to demand action on the climate crisis. Here’s information about that from, from the Sierra Club. and the Hip Hop Caucus. If you can be there, be there. … Continue reading

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UPDATE: We the People Amendment Introduced

UPDATED Here’s the Amendment language from Move to Amend: Here’s a link to Free Speech For People, congratulating Representatives Nolan and Pocan, as well as Move to Amend, on the We the People Amendment: Here’s a Reddit discussion … Continue reading

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Corporations, Global Trade Treaties, and Democracy

I’ve been reading about the on-going Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) treaty negotiations (“bigger than NAFTA”), and the larger question of the impact on democracy, human rights, sovereignty, the environment, and more, of these global treaties. With very little information and debate, Americans are … Continue reading

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